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True Wireless Technology Headphones

As technology advances, True wireless technology (TWS) is becoming more affordable as well as a bit more reliable. Affordability has increased as previously, a pair of true wireless earphones cost in excess of $150. Today companies like Astrotec, are introducing these wireless earphones for less than 100 dollars. Many other companies are following suit, BlueWow headphones are priced at $63.99 at Original Faith Store. These earphones are one of the most affordable TWS earphones in the market today. 

As we continue to review in ear headphones we must also consider the over the ear headphones. Over the ear headphones are headphones that were originally designed for noisier environments, the cushions were made so that they completely surround the ears to block noise from the outside world. They are good for pro-audio, student, DJ, and other environments where isolation from outside noise is needed. However, noise-canceling and in-ear headphones provide much better isolation. They are also great for individuals who enjoy weight training, running, as well as those who have an active lifestyle. These earphones are less bulky and you don’t need to worry about the sweat that is trapped in the cushion of the over the ear headphones.

A factor you must also consider when purchasing a TWS earphone, is the battery life. As wireless technology provides you with the freedom to roam, it also constraints you to the amount of time you are able to use the earphones depending on the battery life. As with any technology there are pros and cons to consider and what may be a right fit for one person may not be for another. I enjoy the wear of TWS in earphones as I go for long runs or use them for weight training. When I want to enjoy a relaxing time just listening to music I prefer the over the ear models. I have love the Adjustable rotary control headphoneThey provide a great music experience with crisp sound. These headphones also provide the ability to become wired headphones with the purchase of an additional cord sold at most store. 


Pink over ear headphones

In conclusion, TWS in-ear headphones have place for the type of activity you are conducting. I rarely use them in every occasion, I prefer the around the ear models when lounging around the house. I have also tested a variety of both in ear and over the ear to see which would be the best fit for me. If you are interested in a variety of headphones visit Original Faith Store, you will not be disappointed!

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